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Vajacial Treatments

Anastasia's Prime Vajacial 

A lot of women do not give enough attention and care to their vagina. When it should be at the very top, the vagina is actually at the bottom of the list of skin care, with the exception of a shower or Brazilian wax. Rather than moisturize and exfoliate, the area is ignored. The vajacial is an opportunity for you to kill lingering bacteria, put a spark to your womanhood, and help solve common issues like blackheads, ingrown hairs, and also skin hyper pigmentation. This can be done while allow the flow of moisture into the skin.


Preforming a vajacial offers plenty of very amazing benefits. It provides visibly smoother and clearer skin on your private part. Vajacials does not only help to revitalize the skin down there, it also eliminates blackheads and  ingrown hairs, improves skin elasticity and circulation, prevents acne from forming, removes dead skin cells, gives a boost of confidence, and brightens hyper pigmentation!


At Anastasia’s prime aesthetics, we offer an above average treatment for your vagina. The process involves skin cleansing, extraction of ingrown hairs, removal of dead skin with an exfoliant, and a soothing vaginal safe mask. It helps with ingrown hairs, skin discoloration, and blackheads. Treatment is of high frequency to eliminate bacteria. Frequency of treatments is recommended for noticeable results.

After you have completed your vajacial, our wax pros will respond to any questions you may have and design a detailed skin care routine for you to follow to get proper after care.

60 min/ 1 treatment - $125.00



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