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Body Treatments

Soothing Session: 

Full body effleurage that increases circulation and encourages relaxation, a great stress buster.

Approx: 1 hr - $75.00


Body Facial: 

A treatment including a full body polish (exfoliation with scrub), a wrap with detoxifying mask that stimulates the metabolism, increases circulation and eliminates toxins (removed with warm towels) and the application of body lotion. This treatment relaxes, smoothes and hydrates the skin.

Approx: 1.5 hrs - $120.00


Back Facial: 

Treat your back to a cleansing, soothing massage, exfoliation, steam and mask. We will even extract any blackheads we come across to make your back perfect for summer or any time of the year. Great for those who suffer from back acne!

Approx: 1 hr - $80.00


Body Polish: 

A full body buff/exfoliation that helps to smooth and soften the skin, followed by an application of body lotion.

Approx: 1 hr - $85.00



Healing hands work with your “life force energy” creating a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around you. Reiki not only treats your body but your emotions, mind and spirit, reviving your feelings of completeness and peace.

30 min - $40.00
60 min - $75.00


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