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Anastasia Keblitis:

VA Licensed, Board for Barbers and Cosmetology-

Master Esthetician/Waxing/Laser Technician/ Reiki Practitioner


Originally from Russia, Anastasia grew up as a youngest daughter. She wanted to be part of the skin care industry from an early age. She found herself in the perfect environment to shape her passion to esthetics with her combination of teaching from her mother who was a doctor and a believer in traditional and alternative medicine. She decided to dedicate her education and career to help people fight life changing skin conditions after many years of fighting with own acne flare ups.


Not only is she a highly trained Master Medical Esthetician, but Anastasia also brings to her work a multi-faceted interest and knowledge in progressive skin care techniques.  Along with medical knowledge, she has a holistic view regarding the role diet and nutrition play in skin health. 


Trained at two highly reputable schools, Career Training Solution, Fredericksburg, Virginia, and the Esthetic Institute, Vienna, VA Anastasia has received both her Postgraduate degree and Honors degree in Esthetics. She also has a Master Degree in Travel and Hospitality.


Anastasia's Fredericksburg Spa specializes in facial treatments using medical grade products and hair removal services. Her spa is the first at the area offering low prices with a high quality service because we want to introduce affordable skin care for everyone.

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